Diagnostics & Tuning

Engine Specialists in Fleet, Hampshire

We specialise in vehicle diagnostics and through an affordable pricing structure we are able to save you a substantial sum on main dealer prices. Our workshops in Fleet are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and this service is delivered by our experienced team of qualified technicians.

Today's cars are getting smarter. It's becoming increasingly common for cars to be able to evaluate themselves - already they can tell you when they need a service, oil change, or the coolant is running low - and this is just the beginning.

Self-diagnostic systems are becoming more sophisticated and integrated into automotive on-board systems (OBD) to evaluate all aspects of the vehicle's operation. At Ravenscroft Motors we operate the latest diagnostic systems that can detect all manner of defects from a misfiring engine to a sticking central locking motor. Not only can it alert the driver to these problems at an early stage and save expensive repairs later, but can also ensure the engine is running at peak efficiency all the time.

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